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With OTG HR, mark your attendance using a mobile phone, get your attendance reports on the go, mark team attendance, assign and track tasks, and enjoy realtime employee tracking anywhere and anytime

Why Do desktop and locally hosted browser based solutions fail?

In an era when Work From Home is becoming more and more common, having a locally hosted productivity suite managing your attendance induces limitations. Locally hosted solutions either inibit productivity by preventing employees to work from anywhere or reduce flexibility since companies would have to get into iterative discussions weather they can incur that level of capital expenditure to upgrade IT infrastructure. This level of agility that cloud applications can provide give businesses using cloud computing a real advantage over competitors.

Here’s how OTG HR makes your attendance and workforce management easier

Better Security

A cloud based system hosted on a secure cloud platform is more secure than a locally hosted solution. Hosting on a good cloud platform helps you enjoy the security of that cloud provider, something that is extremely difficult to achieve when someone is working locally

Regular Updates

Opposed to the software which is delivered through hard mediums unlike in the previous decade, cloud based products could be updated as frequently as weekly. Food for thought: When was the last time your attendance software was updated?

Easier to Scale

When you expand your organisation, infrastructre has to expand as well. Cloud applications help you seemlessly upgrade your software infrastructure without burning a hole through your pocket

Save Money

Cloud applications eliminate the need for on-site servers and a staff intense IT team. This presents a significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities and other expenses required from traditional computing.

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