Biometric Time and Attendance, Access Control System For Hospitals And Health Care Sector

A Biometric Time and Attendance system, an Access Control System, and a Visitor Management System built specifically for hospitals and the healthcare sector

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What do hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities
need in Biometric attendance and access control systems?

  • Streamlining Time and Attendance

    Many healthcare institutions currently rely on manual methods for tracking time and attendance, which leads to inefficiencies and errors. Implementing biometric attendance systems can automate these processes, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and improving overall efficiency. By streamlining time and attendance tracking, hospitals and medical facilities can ensure better payroll accuracy and productivity.

  • Ensuring Security

    Inadequate access control measures in healthcare facilities pose significant security risks, especially in sensitive areas like medication storage rooms and patient wards. Biometric access control systems offer enhanced security by verifying the identity of individuals seeking access, thereby reducing the likelihood of unauthorized entry.

  • Managing Visitors Effectively

    Managing visitor access in healthcare environments is challenging due to the dynamic nature of these settings. Implementing efficient visitor management systems can help maintain a balance between allowing authorized individuals entry and ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for patients' families and other visitors.

  • Scalability and Integration

    As healthcare facilities evolve and expand, their systems must be able to scale to accommodate changing needs. Integrating biometric attendance and access control systems with existing hospital management software is essential for seamless operations.

The Biometric Time and Attendance
System module for hospitals

Biometric Time and Attendance, Access Control System For Hospitals And Health Care Sector
  • Biometric Authentication

    Say goodbye to buddy punching and time theft with our advanced biometric authentication machines and terminals, including fingerprint and face recognition with AI, ensuring accurate identification of staff members.

  • Shift Scheduling

    Fortuna's flexible shift scheduling capabilities empower administrators to effortlessly create, manage, and optimize staff schedules based on patient demand and staffing requirements.

  • Overtime Tracking

    Stay compliant with labor regulations and ensure fair compensation for staff working beyond regular shifts with Fortuna's precise overtime tracking feature.

  • Leave Management

    Our robust leave management module streamlines the process of requesting time off, enabling seamless approval or denial by managers. Track various leave types, including sick leave, vacation, and personal days.

  • Integration with Payroll

    Simplify payroll processing with seamless integration with payroll software, automating the calculation of employee wages based on worked hours, overtime, and other relevant factors.

  • Real-Time Monitoring – No need for admins to pull attendance reports

    Monitor attendance in real-time with push technology, empowering administrators to promptly identify discrepancies and take appropriate action, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Biometric Time and Attendance, Access Control System For Hospitals And Health Care Sector

The best Access Control System module for hospitals

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Fortuna employs state-of-the-art biometric identifiers like fingerprints and AI based facial recognition to ensure accurate and secure authentication of individuals accessing sensitive areas within hospital premises. Fortuna implements multi-factor authentication by combining biometric data with additional factors like PIN codes or access cards, providing an extra layer of protection.

  • Customizable Access Levels

    With Fortuna, hospitals can define and customize access levels based on roles and responsibilities, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access specific areas within the facility.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Fortuna offers real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling administrators to track and log access attempts promptly, facilitating immediate response to unauthorized access attempts or security breaches.

  • Audit Trails and Reporting

    Fortuna maintains comprehensive audit trails and generates detailed access logs and reports for compliance purposes, enabling hospitals to demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and internal policies.

  • Emergency Lockdown Features

    Fortuna includes emergency lockdown features that enable administrators to swiftly restrict access to certain areas during security threats or emergencies, ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.

  • Tamper Detection and Alerts

    Fortuna incorporates tamper detection mechanisms and alerts to notify administrators of any attempts to manipulate or bypass the access control system, enhancing overall security posture.

A Visitor Management System made for Hospitals

Biometric Time and Attendance, Access Control System For Hospitals And Health Care Sector
  • Visitor Registration and Check-In

    Fortuna streamlines visitor registration and check-in processes through intuitive self-service kiosks or receptionist-assisted registration, capturing biometric data and relevant visitor information efficiently.

  • Temporary Access Credentials

    Fortuna issues temporary access credentials, such as visitor badges or QR Codes, to authorized visitors for the duration of their visit, facilitating controlled access to designated areas.

  • Pre-Registration and Pre-Approval

    Fortuna enables pre-registration and pre- approval of visitors via online portals or administrative interfaces, expediting the check-in process while bolstering security measures.

  • Alerts and Notifications

    Fortuna provides real-time alerts and notifications to designated personnel or security staff in case of unauthorized access attempts, enabling swift response to potential security threats.

  • Visitor Tracking and Reporting

    Fortuna maintains comprehensive visitor movement logs and generates detailed reports for compliance purposes, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and internal policies.

Biometric Time and Attendance, Access Control System For Hospitals And Health Care Sector

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Compatible Attendance Machines

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