Your workplace needs the best Productivity Suite

With OTG HR, you can mark your attendance using an app as well as a biometric attendance system, generate cumulative attendance reports on the go, assign and track tasks, and enjoy realtime employee tracking anywhere and anytime

Why switch to OTG HR?

The purpose of OTG HR is to make your office attendance available to anyone and everyone in your organisation without the use of old, clunky, and boring software binding you to the same network. OTG HR takes care of the minutest details which might be causing you troubles as of now. With features like Geo-location, selfie attendance, and employee tracking, we would like to automate a system, which was done manually for years. OTG HR is also a proof that something as monotonous as attendance can be fun as well. After all, who doesn’t like taking a selfie?

Manage your Organisations attendance multi-modally

OTG HR gives organisations the freedom to mark, manage and track employee attendance from a mobile app. With a sleek, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface, viewing attendance reports on the go are a treat. Also, OTG HR supports multiple modes of marking attendance

Attendance using a selfie

Mark your attendance through either a selfie or your biometric attendance system & enjoy reports on demand from anywhere.

Attendance using biometrics

Apply for leaves from your OTG HR app and say goodbye to redundant emails for leave application. Customisable as per each organisation

1:1 Team attendance

Track realtime locations of your employees as per the shifts assigned to them.

Geo Location and Fencing

Know Where Your Employees Punch Attendance Through Geo Location. Also Lock Designated Zones Where They Can Punch By Geo Fencing.

Attendance Reports On-the-Go

Enjoy attendance reports on your mobile app for your organisation or your team

Integration with Payroll

OTG HR integrates seamlessly with payroll through our set of APIs.

Track your Employees in Realtime

Having a large fleet of field employees? You may want to track your employees time to time. With OTG HR, you will be able to track your employees wherever they are, whenever you want. Also, employee tracking is realtime making employee synchronisation all the more seamless.

Our insane Task Tracker – Create, track, and delegate tasks to your employees

Still using excel for task tracking? That may not be the best way to enhance employee productivity. With organisations becoming more and more agile, it becomes extremely critical for teams to move fast. Karma, the task tracker tool in OTG HR, is a brilliant way to create, assign, and delegate tasks to your team members

Create and assign Tasks

Create and assign tasks for members in your team. Add listeners to ensure all stakeholders are a part of execution


Fill individual timesheets per task so that all stages of execution of the task are well documented.

Employee Chats

Chat with fellow employeeswith respect to execution. Send pictures, documents, and other related media.

Multi level categorisation

Categorise tasks based on their nature. Choose from over 10 different task categories like Sales Call, Follow up, etc. Also, categorise tasks into different projects to keep them exclusive.

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate assigned tasks to your google calendar to enjoy seamless integration with your mobile phone and laptops.

Eliminate the need for Email

With features like employee chats and listeners, eliminate the dependance on emails, or other social media apps for communication, thereby keeping all interaction official.

Try us. You’ll love the OTG HR experience.

Increase your organization’s productivity exponentially.