Biometric Time and Attendance System for office employees

Streamline your attendance management with Fortuna’s Biometric Time and Attendance Solution for office employees. Boost productivity with attendance management, leave management, shift management, and more!

Trusted by over 20,000+ customers! Designed and developed for offices to large enterprises.

The modern

Time and Attendance Software

for the modern workplace


Attendance system on Multiple Modes

Desktop Based

Browser Based

The all-in-one biometric attendance software

Manage Time and Attendance

SmartFace is compatible with all of Fortuna’s Fingerprint biometric and Face Recognition biometric machines to handle your Time and Attendance needs like a pro!

Manage employee leaves and absence

SmartFace generates a host of attendance reports helping you find the in time, out time, late entries and absence reports of all your employees across all departments, offices and cities.

Payroll Integration

Export data for a smooth and accurate payroll. Get a summary of paid hours, absences, and overtime for a given period through our SmartFace APIs and table integration modules

A truly scalable Time and Attendance system

Works on organizations ranging from 1-1,00,000 employees

Modular Architecture
Modular architecture to scale up to for an organization of any size. Multiple companies, locations, department, business units support
Support for all org structures
Unique tree organization structure with parent child relationship for any Org structure
Personal Login for everyone
Each employee registered on SmartFace would get his own personal login. He can view his personal attendance and his team’s attendance from his login.

Manage all your biometric attendance machines and employee data from one dashboard

Biometric machine status monitoring
Monitor the status of all your biometric machines through a single login. Know which machines are working through a single dashboard
Simplified Enrollment
Transfer employee templates across departments. Enroll your employees on any biometric machine, and you can transfer the template to any biometric device in your organization
Excel Import

Import your employee records through Excel uploads

Multiple Shifts, Holiday lists, and leave management

Integrated shift management module

SmartFace supports all combinations of day and night shifts for you

Multiple holiday list support

Create personalized holiday lists for each department

Leave Management for employees

Employees can apply for leaves from their personal login

One attendance software - 50+ report formats!

Generate a host of reports in the format of your choice!

Excel reports

PDF reports

Compatible Attendance Machines

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