Biometric Time & attendance systems for showrooms and retail chains

Streamlining workforce management, ensuring compliance, preventing buddy- punching, and enhancing security across all retail stores owned by you.

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What Showrooms and Retail Chains Need in a Biometric Time & Attendance System

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Centralized Management

    A centralized platform that consolidates attendance data from all stores, enabling real-time visibility and centralized control for HR and managers.

  • Accurate Time Tracking

    A foolproof system that eliminates buddy punching and ensures accurate time tracking, leveraging technologies like facial recognition and mobile attendance.

  • Compliance and Policy Enforcement:

    Customizable policies for different locations and employee categories, covering aspects like late marks, overtime, holidays, and weekly off, ensuring compliance with labor laws.

  • Payroll Integration

    Automated timesheets with final calculations, approval workflows, and audit trails, seamlessly integrating with payroll processing.

  • Comprehensive Analytics

    Detailed attendance data and analytics to support better business decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Fortuna's Attendance Management systems help you streamline employees with multiple shifts

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Efficient Shift Management

    Our time and attendance systems allow retail chains to effortlessly handle employees working in various shifts, ensuring smooth operations round the clock.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    With customizable scheduling options, managers can easily assign shifts based on employee availability and business needs, optimizing workforce management.

  • Real-time Updates

    Managers can receive real-time updates on employee schedules, facilitating better coordination and minimizing scheduling conflicts.

  • Automated Shift Changes

    Our system automates shift changes, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate tracking of employee hours across different shifts.

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains

Identify late comers
and early goers through real-time biometric attendance data

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Instant Notifications

    Receive instant notifications when employees arrive late or leave early, allowing for timely intervention and corrective action.

  • Attendance Alerts

    Set up alerts to identify patterns of tardiness or early departures, enabling proactive management of attendance issues.

  • Accurate Tracking

    Our system provides precise data on employee attendance, helping to identify trends and patterns for better workforce management.

  • Historical Analysis

    Access historical attendance data to analyze trends over time and identify areas for improvement in scheduling or employee performance.

Choose between Fortuna powered biometric systems
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Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains

Use a single attendance management system software across multiple locations to manage employee data

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Centralized Data Management

    Streamline employee data management by using a single system across multiple retail locations, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

  • Real-time Syncing

    Enjoy real-time syncing of employee data across all locations, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring up-to-date information.

  • Access Controls

    Set up access controls to restrict data access based on roles and permissions, ensuring data security and compliance.

Customizable policies for compliance with labor laws

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Late Marks

    Tailor policies to manage late arrivals effectively, ensuring fair treatment and compliance with labor laws regarding punctuality.

  • Overtime

    Customize policies to regulate and compensate for overtime hours worked, adhering to legal requirements and ensuring fair compensation for employees.

  • Holidays

    Establish policies for holiday scheduling and compensation, accommodating diverse cultural and religious observances while complying with labor laws.

  • Weekly Off

    Define policies for scheduling weekly offs, ensuring adequate rest periods for employees and compliance with regulations governing work hours and rest breaks.

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains

Minimize payroll errors with
extremely reliable Biometric Attendance data

Biometric Time & attendance systems for retail chains
  • Accurate Time Tracking

    Our system ensures precise time tracking, minimizing errors and discrepancies in employee attendance records.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Generate real-time reports on employee attendance and hours worked, providing actionable insights for payroll processing and analysis.

  • Integration with Payroll Systems

    Seamlessly integrate with payroll systems to streamline the payroll process and minimize errors in salary calculations.

Compatible Attendance Machines

Compatible Attendance Machines

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