Canteen Management System

with Biometric AI Face Recognition! Maximize savings and minimize food wastage with the power of biometric AI based face recognition!

Canteen Management System

with Biometric AI Face Recognition! Maximize savings and minimize food wastage with the power of biometric AI based face recognition!


The Best Canteen Management System for you!

Secure your canteen with face recognition and biometrics

An AI driven face recognition biometric kiosk is installed in canteens to ensure that food is ordered by only authorized personnel and visitors.

Eliminate the need for Cash counters at canteens

The Fortuna powered face recognition machine can be used to view menu options, select items, and place orders, all with a few clicks.

Automate your menu creation process

Admins can create multiple menus with different dishes in each menu. Each menu can have its own start and end time meaning that the menu can be automated to dynamically change based on the time of day.

Print receipts with a thermal printer interface

Once a user would successfully choose their items on the kiosk, a receipt can also be printed through a thermal printer that is directly interfaced with the device.

Generate analytics reports to minimize food wastage

Choose from multiple reports to monitor consumption and expenses on a per-user, per-department, per-item on daily and monthly basis.

Run your canteen in cashless modes

Link a user account to a prepaid wallet or integrate with payroll systems to debit at the end of the month.

Experience Canteen Management System without counters

Enhance kiosk security with Face Recognition

Users can show their face on a Fortuna powered Face recognition kiosk to view the menu for that day. Prevent unauthorized access to canteen facilities altogether.

Create your own order on a Fortuna powered kiosk

Upon authorization, users are shown the menu for that day. They can select the items they want to consume and the quantity for each item. The total is calculated dynamically for each added item.

Generate bills and receipts with a thermal printer integration

Users can get a bill at the end with a thermal printer linked to the kiosk with a list of all the items they have ordered.

Automate menu creation daily with our Canteen Management Software

Run multiple canteens

Admins can create and run multiple canteens with Fortuna. Now, that’s scalable!

Create multiple menus

Admins can create multiple menus and list different items in each menu. They can even add constraints like a max number each item can be ordered for by a particular user. Admins can even group items in multiple categories for easier management

Pre-schedule menu based on time of the day

Each menu can have a start and end time. This means based on the time of the day, the menu changes dynamically.

Unleash the power of AI driven Face recognition biometric machines

Face Recognition biometric with AI | VF1000X
Up to 25,000 face templates can be stored locally
Extremely fast recognition under 0.3 seconds with >99% accuracy
Checks for liveliness and motion to prevent spoofs
Works in extreme darkness to broad daylight (0.1 – 30000 Lux)
Recognizes faces from 0.3 meters to 2 meters

Minimize costs with multiple reports

Get per item consumption

Check for number of times each dish was ordered to better plan inventory

Get per user consumption and billing

Check how much each employee orders and adjust in payroll at the end of the month if required

View consumption during different times of the day

View consumption during breakfast, lunch, and, dinner to better plan for inventory, thereby minimizing costs

Run canteens in prepaid and postpaid modes

Prepaid mode

Admins can link a user to a prepaid wallet. Since everything is face verified, this is as secure as it gets.

Postpaid mode

Integrate with payroll and adjust month end salaries based on consumption of the user.

Compatible Biometric Machines

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