Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour Management System

Our Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) ensures compliance and streamlines operations across various industries, including factories, construction sites, and multi-location installations. This comprehensive solution enhances productivity, security, and legal adherence.

Automate Labour Compliance with Fortuna

Attendance Management Compliance

Automated monitoring of attendance, ensuring adherence to working hours and shifts. Improve Labour Attendance Tracking with Fortuna

Real-Time Labour Monitoring

Immediate validation and restriction of non-compliant labor entries.

Customizable Settings

Configurable parameters for working hours, rest periods, and grace times tailored to project requirements.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with payroll, HRMS, attendance management, and other systems via APIs for efficient data exchange.

Contractor Self-Service Portal

Allows contractors to manage their workforce and compliance easily.

A Contract Labour Management System that helps you Manage your Workforce

Biometric Attendance

Utilizes biometric devices and AI based face recognition for accurate time and attendance tracking.

Access Control to enhance physical security

Secure access control systems tailored to organizational needs.

Compliance and Regulation

Ensure adherence to labour laws and industry-specific regulations. Automated compliance checks and updates to avoid legal issues.

Detailed Reports

Generate comprehensive reports including compliance status and workforce headcounts.

Why Choose Fortuna's Advanced Contract Labour Management System?

Customizable Work Parameters

Set and manage parameters like working hours, rest periods, and maximum weekly hours. Configure rules at the project level to ensure compliance with specific site requirements.

Negative Exception Management

Identify non-compliant labourers in real-time. Restrict entry/exit based on predefined rules to maintain order and compliance.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage analytics to optimize workforce management and improve productivity.

Cost Savings

Minimize errors and reduce costs associated with manual labour management processes.

Compatible Biometric Attendance Systems

Compatible Biometric Attendance Systems

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