Visitor Management System

Works both without hardware and with hardware like biometric AI face recognition, QR code readers, card readers, and Access Control panels for holistic security!

Visitor Management System

Works both without hardware and with hardware like biometric AI face recognition, QR code readers, card readers, and Access Control panels for holistic security!

Complete Visitor Registration within seconds!

Self-Service Visitor Check-In Kiosks

Expedite visitor registration with our user-friendly, self-service kiosks that enable quick data entry for visitor details, purpose of visit, and more.

Optional approval workflows for enhanced security

Send the visitor's request to the person they want to visit. Allow the visitor only post an approval to enhance perimeter security.

Face Recognition Access Control for Visitors

Capture a picture of the visitor face and the visitor can directly enter doors they are provided access for by scanning their face on doors installed with Fortuna powered face recognition panels

Provide controlled access to visitors

Visitors can be provided access to the entire premises or can be provided access to only selected rooms. This gives users additional control over which visitor is allowed where, and restrict control at sensitive areas.

Contactless Pre-Registration Options

Offer a seamless and contactless pre-registration experience, allowing visitors to provide their information in advance, minimizing wait times on-site.

Capture Comprehensive Visitor Data

Efficiently collect and store visitor information, including names, contact details, visit purpose, and any additional required fields, for enhanced security and record-keeping.

Robust integration with Access control systems

The user’s details are automatically downloaded on the attendance and access control terminals installed in the office. The visitor is allowed temporary access to the premises for which approvals are received. User access can be provided through

QR based access
Face recognition based access
Smart card/RFID based access

Personalized and Secure Visitor Pass

Visitor Photo and Information Display

Include Access QR, visitors' photographs, names, and other pertinent details on the badges for easy visual identification and authentication.

Access Permission and Expiration Settings

Set specific access permissions and expiration dates on visitor badges, ensuring controlled and time-bound access to authorized areas.

Comprehensive Real-Time Visitor Tracking

Visitor Movement Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into visitor movements throughout your premises, enabling proactive monitoring and ensuring adherence to designated access areas.

Entry and Exit Logging

Automatically log precise entry and exit times for every visitor, providing a detailed audit trail for enhanced security and compliance.

Unauthorized Access Alerts:

Receive instant notifications and alerts for any unauthorized access attempts or breaches, allowing for swift response and mitigation measures.

Industries We Serve

Our Visitor Management System with Face Recognition Access Control is suitable for a wide range of industries, including:

Corporate Offices

Educational Institutions

Healthcare Facilities

Government Buildings

Manufacturing Plants

Residential Complexes

Event Venues

Compatible Biometric Machines

Compatible Biometric Machines

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